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No, you won’t need planning permission if  your new driveway uses permeable (or porous) surfacing. This means the surface allows water to drain through, and applies to gravel, permeable concrete, block paving or porous Tarmac. This also applies if rainwater is directed to a lawn or border to drain naturally.

If choosing an impermeable driveway that does not allow water to run to a permeable area, planning permission will be needed for driveways over 5m².

All utility supplies are usually far deeper that we need to dig. We will survey the property before digging commences to ensure nothing is potentially crossing the area.

Our philosophy is to create as little disruption as possible when laying new driveways. Waste and rubble are put straight on our lorries for transport to recycling centres and we ensure none of it is left on your property.

We also take great care to avoid obstructing roads and pathways, keeping the area as safe as possible.

We take every opportunity to limit the amount of disruption faced by you and the surrounding properties. There will of course be some noise from excavating equipment, but we ensure that is kept to a minimum and only during sociable hours.

No, for most driveway installations we remove any excess material directly in our own lorries.

To prevent weeds from affecting a new driveway, we apply a permeable membrane beneath the surface layer. This allows moisture to pass through and prevents weeds from penetrating the surface.

The high durability membrane used will last upwards of 200 years when underground and not exposed to UV light.

We have taken training courses to study the legislation around surface water drainage and driveways. We ensure all driveways have suitable drainage provisions in place to avoid any issues with water around your property.

Most driveways for a medium sized property (ie. 3 bedroom semi) take around 3-4 days. Some simpler options such as gravel can be completed quicker.

Other factors may affect this so we can give a more accurate estimate when we survey your property and give you a price quote.

Different driveway types require different preparation. However we generally excavate the area to a depth of around 12 inches (30cm), then apply an MOT hardcore sub-base and weed-supressant membrane, before the final surface is added.

Although they sound very similar in name, there are some crucial differences.

Resin Bound Driveways – With this technique the resin and aggregate are mixed prior to application. The mixture is laid evenly and dries to a very solid and highly uniform finish and texture. There is with the added advantage of the drive remaining completely permeable, making it safer and longer lasting.

Resin Bonded Driveways – With this approach resin is applied over the driveway, followed by aggregate pressed into the upper surface. This can often lead to loose chippings and an uneven finish. There is the further disadvantage that water will no longer permeate the drive, leading to pooling on the surface.

At Nationwide Paving And Building we offer all types of resin surfacing, although we consider the ‘Resin Bonded’ approach to be slightly inferior.

New driveways have a number of advantages for your property. A high quality drive will improve appearance, access, safety and practicality around your home.

A skillfully laid driveway will also increase the resale value of most properties.

After every driveway installation we give full advice on how to maintain your surface and keep it in good condition.

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No, all work is carried out by our highly experienced team members, to ensure the quality of all new driveways.